Introduction: Adley

(Adley) #1

Hi, my name is Adley. I am 36 and live in Georgia. I’m a doorholder at passion city church. I’m also a disabled veteran and a full time student at Liberty University online. I started getting back into furthering my education by pursuing a certificate at passion global institute through Dallas Theological Seminary at my church. God pressed on my heart to go for more so that’s when I started at liberty to finish my bachelor degree. A few years ago I learned of Ravi for the first time when he came to speak at my church. I’ve always been a defender of some type so apologetics really peaked my interest. For the first time I started to have an answer for my faith that I could communicate with others. I am so excited to attend RZIM.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Glad to have you here, brother! Welcome to CONNECT. I hopeful expectation that this community would be a helpful resource to you. God’s every blessing!

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to the community here on Connect, @adleyshuford! You have certainly have a magnificent story that brought you here to this platform, and I resonate immensely with your continued desire for continuing to pursue education! Praise God for your love of learning, and for your heart to serve others in the communication of our wonderful Gospel. I look forward to reading your contributions out on the forums. Again, welcome!