Introduction: Alan Weiche

(Al Weiche) #1

Hi everyone
A little more than 2 years ago I was baptized and set free. I changed so much so fast that my wife noticed and was born again 2 months later. I came across Ravi and RZIM and the feeling of love, compassion and understanding the he and the organization in general exhibits touched my heart. I have heard and been to a few seminars now and all the speakers give a message of Love and that my new friends is Jesus. So I look forward to asking a lot of questions and learning how to spread the Gospel. Blessings to all.

(Prashanth Daniel) #2

Welcome to Connect, Alan! Praise God for you becoming part of His family!

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Welcome to Connect, Alan! I’m so thankful you have welcomed Christ into your life and found RZIM valuable to your faith journey. Praise the Lord for his work in your wife’s life, as well. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and questions here on the forum.

(John Van der Werff) #4

Welcome Alan. You have taken an opportunity to grow in a way that many Christians never do. I pray God blesses you as you learn and grow.

(Barbara) #5

There is no substitution for prayer and time in the Word…put God first and you will not go wrong. Welcome, welcome,welcome!

(Robert J Merrill) #6

Amazing testimony. Thank you so much for sharing it. It is so easy to get discourage when you’ve been saved a long time, Everything in this world is design to try to persuade us away from Christ. Hearing your story, is like a burst of fresh air.

God bless you brother