Introduction: Albert Schmidt


(Albert Schmidt) #1

Hi everybody,

so exciting this community now has an online platform! Good job RZIM.
My name is Albert Schmidt, 34, I live in beautiful South-Germany and I’m part of a Citychurch. Our church is a part of the FEG, one of the largest unions of free evangelical churches in Germany.
I love to work out, explore nature and spend time with my loved ones. My goal for the next years is to learn surfing. Well…one of my goals :slight_smile:

Very happy to be part of this community!
All the best for you guys.


(Keldon Scott) #2

Welcome board @Albert! Glad to have you joining us. I got to hang out in southern Germany a while: Oberstaufen. It was beautiful.2029E01L you just brought back fond memories. I hope you enjoy this community. Post often.

(Albert Schmidt) #3

Hi Keldon,

thank you!
Oberstaufen is awesome, I went there for a hike just yesterday.

(Keldon Scott) #4

So cool!

(Warner Joseph Miller) #5

Welcome to CONNECT, my brother!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #6

Hello @Albert. Welcome to Connect! Your goal seems fun, I had a friend before who told us about the challenges regarding surfing, though it’s something that I have no reliable knowledge of. God bless you there in Germany and I pray that you’ll continue to grow in your walk in the Lord. :slight_smile:

(Albert Schmidt) #7

Thanks for the warm welcome everybody! Great to be here!

(Carson Weitnauer) #8

Hi @Albert,

Perhaps we’re distant cousins? My family is said to have come from Weitnau, Germany, which I had a lovely visit to a few years ago. Either way, I am glad to meet you as a brother in Christ!

All that to say, welcome to Connect! I hope that this community will be an encouragement to tens of thousands of German Christians - and that they will be a blessing to the rest of the global RZIM family. It is exciting to meet and encourage one another around the world through this platform.

(Jimmy Sellers) #9

Welcome to connect. It will be interesting to have you contribute to the forums. I lived in Munich for three years as a kid in 1960-63. My father was US Army and was stationed there. In 1990 the year the wall came down I returned with my family for a vacation and to visit relatives in Vienna and Hungary. I would not be upset if I had to spend more time there (Baravia) it was/is beautiful.

(Albert Schmidt) #10

Hi Carson, are you serious? The Weitnauer family comes from Weitnau?? :slight_smile:
Well, I don’t live in the area of the Alps, but a bit north in Ulm. So probably no cousins, but brothers indeed :slight_smile:

Thank you for your welcome Carson, I’m glad RZIM is active in Germany too and I already erstablished contact to talk about how I can support the team. Have to see how it works out because I’m involved in Willow Creek, too. We’ll see!
Take care

(Albert Schmidt) #11

Oh Jimmy, you are lucky, your father worked at the most beautiful area in Germany (forgive me my fellow Germans). Bavaria is great, I call it the promised land sometimes :smiley:
I served in the military, too, and worked with US troops in Stuttgart. It’s also in the south. Awesome people to work with.

(Carson Weitnauer) #12

Indeed! Here’s a photo of Weitnau from today - a family member is visiting!

I love the RZIM team in Germany. @Christian_Hofreiter is a good man and a very effective evangelist!