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Hi everyone, my name is Alisa Childers, and I’m a stay at home mom, worship leader, and apologetics blogger. I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles but have lived in the Nashville, TN area for about twenty years. I am married with two kids, Dyllan (girl, 10) and Ayden (boy, 7). I caught the apologetics bug about 8 years ago when my beliefs were challenged in a progressive Christian church when I couldn’t answer the claims that were being brought against my faith. It sent me into a dark time of doubt, but thankfully, I discovered the ministry of Ravi Zacharias, and through his ministry, I discovered other amazing Christian intellectual thinkers and the beautiful wide world of apologetics, theology, and philosophy. Other than auditing some seminary classes at Southern Evangelical Seminary, I am mostly self-study. I love to read, learn, and worship God with my mind. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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Welcome to Connect, @alisachilders!! So glad that you’ve found your way, here. I can confidently say that many of the folks here have similar stories of theological, doctrinal, spiritual and/or social challenge being the catalyst to Christian apologetics. It is the desire to find (and clearly articulate) the ‘why’ of belief.

With that said, again, I’m glad that you’re here and am looking forward to all that you’ll bring. I hope we also can be a resource for you, as well.

God’s every blessing, sister. Welcome!

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@alisachilders Welcome to Connect! May the Lord bless you and your family as you all walk in His love. I think there is no replacement for self-study when it comes to apologetics - school can give you the tools and the framework for approaching the most common issues, but it is when we really wrestle with the Word and with integrating our faith into life that we discover the nuanced beauty of God’s Truth in a way that can impact culture. Look forward to hearing from you out on the forums.

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I just wanted to say how excited I am to see you on here. I listen to your podcast and enjoy it thoroughly. I love the true and raw thought that obviously go into your podcast.

(Mark Mittelberg) #5

Hi Alisa – I loved your music (and your dad’s music), and now I love your apologetics articles, and have been pointing lots of people to them! Thanks for jumping into the fray!

Blessings –

Mark Mittelberg

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Thanks, Warner!

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Thank you, Sean!

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Hi Holly, that’s so cool! I look forward to meeting you…

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Hi Mark, small world! Thanks for the encouragement. Really looking forward to next week!

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You’ll be there? Awesome! See you then! :pray:t3:

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P.S. As the main author of the Becoming a Contagious Christian training course, I had a particular affinity for your song “Contagious”! Great stuff!!! :guitar: