Introduction: Amy

(Amy Mitchell) #1

Hi everyone! I downloaded the phone app so I can listen to Let My People Think.

(Terry Black) #2

Welcome Amy! I hope you can also share in the forum as well. There is so much we can share with one another in these forums. I did 2 RZIM online courses and I found the posts and participation in the forums were something I missed when I finished the courses. Hope to hear more from you! God Bless!

(Vuyiswa Keyi) #3

Welcome Amy. I also enjoy listening to that. I hope to read your thoughts and insights on this forum.

Happy New Year!


(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome aboard @Amy_Mitchell. Glad you have joined. I love let my people think as well as just thinking. I hope those devotionals will be an inspiration to you. Your participation here also will be a blessing for you. The ideas and questions discussed are enightening. God-bless your time here and happy New Year.