Introduction: Anas Ansari

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Hi everyone

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@HeroGuy, Hello Anas, Welcome! Its been good to see some of your questions on the forum. I am from Mumbai originally. Would love to know more about your background. I think it would help the community in engaging better with your questions.

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Hi, so about my background. Im 20 and I was born in Kanpur, UP and I was raised in Mumbai and currently living in Hyderabad. I have studied till Class 12th and i think im going to start a business next year and ya thats it and im curious about questions about life, God and philosophy.

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@HeroGuy, good to hear back, thank you. Its a time of major transition! May God bless your business plans. Glad you are engaging and learning more about Christianity, something I have not seen in India if not raised in a Christian family. I am assuming based on your name that you may be originally from a non-Christian background. As RZIM’s vision is helping the believer think and the thinker believe, I think you found the right place! God bless.

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ya actually my mother is a protestant and my father is a muslim they are both great and they never forced me to do anything and i always wanted to do my own research before committing to a faith, of course i still have lot of questions and confusion but ya its great to be in this community, thank you.

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@HeroGuy, that’s a unique background and appreciate you sharing. Please continue to ask your questions and I look forward to learning from them. Glad to hear about your experience in this community!

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Welcome, @HeroGuy! We’re so glad you’ve found your way onto here, and we pray that the conversations will be as much a blessing to you as your presence will be to us. All the best and look forward to seeing you out there!

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Thank you, God bless