Introduction and questions

(Tony Vaiphei) #1

Hi everyone my name is Tony Vaiphei from India. I’m Presbyterian by denomination. I had learnt many things from RIZM YouTube channel. I m very glad. God bless RIZM. If I request any team commited member to visit in a conference for seminar, will you come? I want to arrange. So please reply or answer .

(Kathleen) #2

Hello, @Tony_Vaiphei and welcome to Connect! We’re glad you’ve joined us here. :slight_smile: I wanted to send you this link in response to your question above.

This is probably the best place to start, and if you need to be in touch with the RZIM Asia team instead, I’m sure someone at HQ in Atlanta can give you a contact for that.

This may also give you a bit more information. If you scroll down, you can see the contact information for the India team. :slight_smile:

(Tony Vaiphei) #3