Introduction: Andre

(Andre Sam ) #1

Hello from Ontario, Canada! I am already a believer, and I decided to join this forum to learn on how to talk to non believers and hope that I can answer their questions and one day help them to become a believer.

In today world, I think we as believer need to be able to present the truth about God to non believers in a way that they can relate and doesn’t sound obnoxious and judgemental.
I like the way Christian apologetics such as Ravi and his team answer questions, and I hope I can answer like them or close enough one day :slight_smile:

(Curran Harms) #2

Hello, welcome to connect. You will love it here!!!

(Anthony Costello ) #3


I am so pleased to welcome you to connect. I pray that God will richly bless your time here and that you will be able to enhance your ability to reach others in the name of Christ. May God take the passion you already have for evangelism and multiply it many times over.

What topics of Apologetics are you most interested in? Or which do you think are most relevant for the area you live and work in?

in Christ,

(Joe Sim) #4

Hi Andre,

Welcome. It is indeed difficult to strike the balance in communicating truth, but yet in a loving way. I believe if you continue to pray and sustain the relationship with the person, he or she will catch that =)

Hope you can find more answers for yourself in this forum! Many great knowledgeable guys here.

(Alex Stark) #5

Hey Andre!

So great to have you with us on RZIM Connect. Looking forward to growing with you.


(Andre Sam ) #6

Thank you guys for the warm welcome! I am coming from Catholic background but I have been going to Christian church as I learn more about God and allows me to have more personal relationship with Him.

I would like to hear from all of you what being Christian Apologetic means to each of you.