Introduction: Andrew

(Andrew Ingram) #1

Hi everyone,

I’ve been on this thing for a while but I just noticed that I never introduced myself. My name is Andrew and I currently live in Kenya using Sports as a tool for community development and evangelism.

I was born in Pennsylvania but moved to Poland months later because my parents were starting their missionary journey. Seven years later we moved to Germany, where I lived until the age of 19. After that I lived in Huntsville, Alabama while getting my undergrad. Post gradation I was a teacher for a few years before I decided to go into full-time ministry.
I’ve been reading your posts and contributing here and there and am very grateful for your honesty and curiosity.


(Keldon Scott) #2

Welcome aboard @AndrewIngram. This site is blessed to have somebody with your experiences here to offer insight. Thank you for introducing yourself. It sounds like you have traveled extensively. I’m sure living in different cultures has shaped your life in a way that many do not get an opportunity. God-bless your journey. I Hope you enjoy your time here.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Wow! Glad to have you here and Andrew and thank for the OFFICIAL introduction.:blush: I’m sure I’ve read a post or two from you. I’ll check back. In any event, I’m glad you reached out and definitely looking forward to hearing more from you. Grace and peace!:v:t6:

(Kathleen) #4

Glad we can officially welcome you, @AndrewIngram! Sounds like you have had quite the “third-culture” upbringing. Would you say that you appreciated living in foreign countries when you were a kid? As an adult, I’ve enjoyed my stints away, but I know things can be a bit different as a child. :slight_smile: