Introduction: Aracelis Diaz


(Aracelis Diaz) #1

Hi everyone
My name is Aracelis Diaz and I am from Brooklyn, NY. I’ve was raised in a Christian home but knew the Lord in a personal level in my early 20’s. I serve the Lord at my church in the prayer band at The Brooklyn Tabernacle, under Pastor Jim Cymbala, where we intercede for our pastors and leaders, and from prayer requests from around the world. I love God and want to become more like Jesus everyday so I look forward to learning from this community. Ravi Zacharrias and the team have been such a blessing and Im grateful to be a part of this in my walk with the Lord. Thank you for this opportunity. May God richly bless it and expand it.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @adiaz, welcome! I know that Ravi and Jim are good friends, and that Ravi has spoken at The Brooklyn Tabernacle many times. It is an honor to have you join Connect! We would be delighted to have you and the prayer band praying for us and the RZIM family in Connect. Prayer is foundational to everything - may God keep us dependent, humble, and empowered for his service. I hope we’ll also be a regular place of encouragement, conversation, and equipping for you as you share the good news with your friends and community in Brooklyn. Again: welcome! :slight_smile:

(Aracelis Diaz) #3

Amen, yes. I saw Ravi speak last Sunday…amazing! I will definitely pray for this ministry.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #4

Hello @adiaz. Welcome to Connect! I’m happy to have you here. Let’s learn from each other and may this help us in further worshipping God. :slight_smile:

(Aracelis Diaz) #5

@omnarchy Thank you! I look forward to learning with you and everyone else.