Introduction: Arthur from Israel

Shalom everybody,

It’s nice to meet a community of apologetics enthusiasts. I hope we can glean from one another in the forum.

I was born in Russia and made aliyah with my parents in the 90’s. I became a believer in Yeshua during my military service.

I finished my second course at the RZIM Academy, and found the content and the people thought provoking and challenging. Like many I received an invitation to join this online community, and I was glad to accept.

I hope my insights on faith and walk with Christ will enrich others, as we all have difficult questions in need of thoughtful answers.

God bless


HI Arthur! @aschwartzman7

So glad you’ve joined us :relaxed:

Your story sounds interesting- finding God during your military service-I’d love to hear how that came about some time -if you feel up for sharing!
I liked what you said here:

I couldn’t agree more!

Enjoy looking around- so many great topics out there to explore :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @aschwartzman7, wow, it’s so nice to meet you. Your introduction is inspiring and I too would love to hear more about how you became a believer during your military service. Perhaps after you dive in here a little more and feel comfortable, you can tell us a little about that. Enjoy browsing and join in the conversations when you feel led. Take care :pray:


Hello, Arthur, and welcome to Connect. :slight_smile: It’s great to hear the RZIM academy has been beneficial to you- what stood out to you most? What is the second course you mention, aside from the Core Module?


Arthur hi
Military service? IDF or Russian?
Kind regards


Shalom brother Arthur, from a piece of the wild vine grafted into the olive tree. Welcome and can I say, it is nice to see you.


Hi Brittany, I really liked the lecture on the trinity in the core module! I’ve recently finished the science elective, a lot of food for thought there too.


Hi Bransom, IDF.

It’s nice to meet you Michael, from a natural branch grafted back into our own olive tree.

I’m former US Navy, Submarine Service, but that was almost 40 years ago 688 Class - Israel has some excellent boats

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@sig @HeidiMitchell Thanks for the warm welcome! Seeing you were interested in my testimony I decided to share:

Hope you find it encouraging!