Introduction: Ashishraj


(Ashish Money) #1

HI Friends,
My Name is Ashishraj MOney, you all can call me Ashish. I just finished the core module course with RZIM. I am ministering the Lord in an urban settlement of Delhi and also working with an community development organisation here in Delhi India. I have 3 children Aaron, Adriel and Anorah and a beautiful wife Sarah. I have signed up for connect cause I want to grow in the Lord and pursue a fellowship that will help me to serve the Lord.

Welcome to RZIM Connect!
(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Ashishraj,

Welcome to Connect! Your motives for joining Connect are the same motives we started Connect! To grow in the Lord and fellowship that helps us serve the Lord - you’re “right on the money”, to use a US phrase, for why we are here! I hope your engagement in the community will give you a deeper love for Jesus and a greater preparedness for evangelism.

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome on board @Ashishraj. Coincidentally we have children’s names in common. My oldest is Aaron. I hope you do find Fellowship here. I think the participants are very involved as well as friendly. If you need prayer for any of your endeavors you certainly can put that out here. I trust that you enjoyed the core module. It does lay a nice Foundation to our faith in a short 12 week period, doesn’t it? What did you like best about it?

(Ashish Money) #4

Yes Keldon, I am delighted to be here and the 12 weeks course has indeed helped me to grow in the Lord. The Best thing about the course was learning the Grid, I am taking time to practice it and use it effectively to evangelize.

(Ashish Money) #5

Thanks Carson, looking forward for fruitful, spirit filled and engaging fellowship

(Keldon Scott) #6

That is so awesome. I loved the grid as well. It enables us to categorically lay out a plan in our minds that is persuasive as well as an opener for conversation. I trust you may end up taking some electives. And I look forward
to reading your posts. God bless

(Laura Beth Perry) #7

Hi Ashish, I am so excited that you are serving the Lord Jesus in India. My local church body in Oklahoma (USA) supports a ministry called serveIndia. We are so excited for the mighty move of the Holy Spirit we hear about in India. I will pray for you my brother in Christ!

(Ashish Money) #8

Thanks Laura…Yes, God is doing greater things here in India, we shall see the glory of God being manifested here. Every tongue shall confess and every knee shall bow down and say Jesus is the Lord.