Introduction: Bec Giuliani

(Rebecca Giuliani) #1

Hi everyone, my name is Bec. I’m from Australia and I’ve just completed the RZIM Core Module. The more i read and listen and learn the more i want to know and understand. Far from feeling like i now have all the answers i instead have more questions, although i have a better understanding of where to start looking :slight_smile:. I’m looking forward to being part of this community, i’ve found it helpful to hear other peoples thoughts and questions to help me sort through my own.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@becky.giuliani, Welcome to Connect and Congrats on finishing the Core module! I am taking it now and you are right the learning never seems to stop. There is always a new question to think about or get better at answering the old questions. May every question draw you closer and more excited about Jesus!

(Helen Tan) #3

Hi @becky.giuliani , welcome to the Connect Family!! I’m from Australia too and have found this to be a great community with a wealth of knowledge and information, and a lot of fun. I see having questions as a sign of growth and maturity, and this is one place where all questions are welcome. Carson is a knowledgeable, wise and kind leader and it’s a lot of fun to learn together here. So, please feel free to ask away. I’m sure someone will have the answers to the questions that we have!

(Rebecca Giuliani) #4

Thank you for your encouragement Lakshmi, that’s my prayer - that it won’t just be knowledge for knowledge sake but that it will increase my love for him. I hope you enjoy the core module, even when it makes your head hurt a little :slight_smile:

(Rebecca Giuliani) #5

Thank you Helen, it’s encouraging to see so many people from around the world united and encouraging one another to grow in their faith. Looking forward to many questions and answers :slight_smile:

(Liam Bell) #6

Hello Becky. I think that’s a awesome attitude to have. > As our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness (things we don’t know or understand) surrounding it.

Albert Einstein

(Rebecca Giuliani) #7

Thanks Will, great quote!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #8

Hello Bec (@becky.giuliani)! Good job on the Core Module. I love that course, since it helped in sharpening me in my apologetic approaches. I’m excited to see how you will grow in this community. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Rebecca Giuliani) #9

Thank you @omnarchy :slight_smile: