Introduction: Ben Petock


(Benjamin Petock) #1

Hi everyone.

As you can see, my name is Ben. I live in the U.S., just outside of Philadelphia, with my wife and two cats. I took the Core Module a little over a year ago, and was invited to join this (like you all probably were).

I’ve been involved in youth ministry for over 15 years, and I currently lead our group at my church, along with my wife. I love the work that RZIM has been doing, and I’m glad to be a part of it in any way that I can.

Hopefully the discussions here will bear much fruit!


(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Ben, welcome to Connect! I love meeting youth ministers - it is a job I could never do (I lack the patience and kindness). But it is SO important.

One question that I am being asked at my church is this: how do we prepare high school students to share their faith in high school, in college or their vocation, and for life? Can you suggest any advice on this? I would love to learn from you.

(Benjamin Petock) #3


I don’t consider myself particularly patient or kind, so you might be selling yourself short…or maybe I should be doing something else…ANYWAY. :wink:

The main thing: teach kids (and all people, really) the Bible. How you do that is up to you. For us, we meet every Wednesday night, we start a book of the Bible, we read one or two chapters, and we discuss it. My wife and I lead the discussion; we try to draw questions and insights out of our kids, and we pull them out ourselves, when necessary. That’s what works for us.

At the end of the day, people that love God serve God, and people that know God love God. The main way we get to know Him is by studying His Word and going deep into it. I think many leaders are afraid to go deep with kids (for various reasons), and I think that’s a tragedy. Sure, some stuff goes over their heads, but some kids will latch onto the deeper things, and that is not insignificant. Also, my experience is that kids like having their minds blown, so do it as often as you can.

In my opinion, if (when teaching the Bible) all you do is thoroughly explain what is going on and why, you’ve done your job. If you can pull out deeper applications and principles, that’s excellent. I think a lot of people sacrifice the former to emphasize the latter, and it becomes shallow and unclear in the minds of the listeners. If you just explain what’s going on and let them pull out their own questions and insights, they grow. You need growth in order to be an effective witness. I look to Paul as an example, who waited two years (I believe), learning his faith before he began preaching the gospel.

Hopefully that makes sense.

(Megan Kemp) #4

Hi Ben! It’s great to have you here in RZIM Connect! I pray it’s a fruitful place for you and a great resource in your youth ministry group!