Introduction: Beth Budesheim

(Beth Budesheim) #1

Hi everyone:

I really appreciated the Core Module, and I’m taking the Bible Elective now. Hoping to take the Evil and Suffering elective in Feb 2019. So thankful to have a community like this on-line.
I am self employed as a licensed counselor. Looking forward to getting to know people through their posts.

(Jimmy Sellers) #2

So glad to have you. You will be able to keep what you have learned fresh and we will get to learn for you. This is a wonderful group of believers and we all want the world to know Jesus. So before I forget welcome.

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @bbudesheim! So glad you have found us here on Connect. I am currently working on a counselling degree here in the UK. Today is actually my first day, and it looks INTENSE. Looking forward to it all though. Might have to come to you for some tips. Ha! All the best to you and looking forward to seeing you out in the forums!

(Beth Budesheim) #4

Hi Kathleen: Thank you for your kind response. Wishing you well in your coursework and would be happy to discuss counseling topics with you. I will listen for your British accent whenever we connect. :slight_smile: Beth

(Beth Budesheim) #5

Thanks Jimmy! Appreciate your warm greeting…looking forward to getting to know everyone.

(Deneen Horne) #6

Hi Beth, Welcome to RZIMCONNECT. It’s good to see you again as we completed the CORE Module 068 together. I look forward to continuing to connect.
In HIS Grip, Deneen

(Beth Budesheim) #7

Hi Deneen: Nice to see you on the Connect site too.