Introduction: Beth Sims


(Beth Sims) #1

Hi everyone - I am older, hopefully wiser than in my younger life! I live near Atlanta, Georgia and so I have the opportunity to be up close to the RZIM headquarters from time to time. Have been involved with RZIM for many years and have attended summer institutes at Oxford and at Wheaton College in Chicago. Now just finishing my MA in Apologetics from Luther Rice College & Seminary and am chapter director for Ratio Christi at the University of Georgia. I am loving this season of life and seeing all that God is doing through my life as I invest it in others. My goal is to finish life well and leave a permanent legacy of faith-welcoming trails for my loved ones to follow! And my loved ones include not only family, but all those in my sphere of influence. God bless all who seek truth and knowledge for use in their lives and in the Kingdom of God!

(Vaisal Dathan) #2

Hi Beth Sims,
Nice to hear from you.
God bless!
Vaisal Dathan

(Beth Sims) #3

Thank you!

(Megan Kemp) #4

Hi Beth! It is great to have you in RZIM Connect. How many more credits do you have to go to finish your MA at Luther Rice?

Blessings to you!


(Beth Sims) #5

Hi Megan - Thanks for your question. I have completed all the course work and this semester I am doing a practicum. Graduation is May 18!!! So excited!

(Megan Kemp) #6

How exciting, Beth! Great job. The finish line is in sight. :raised_hands:

(Tim Ramey) #7

Welcome aboard Beth. You mentioned that you are older but somehow I think I have you beat age-wise but not wisdom-wise!

(Beth Sims) #8

I doubt you on that Tim! Thanks for the welcome!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #9

Welcome @bethsims. Looking forward to learn from you! I’m glad you’re here. :slight_smile:

(Beth Sims) #10

Thank you Omar.That is mutual!

(Keldon Scott) #11

Welcome aboard @bethsims. Here is hoping your experiences here are awesome. I am sure your input will be helpful to all. Funny thing: when I first saw your name I thought it said Bethisms :slight_smile: Well . . . any Bethisms for us all?

(Beth Sims) #12

Hi Keldon! Maybe you’ll be seeing some Bethisms! Watch for them!

(Keldon Scott) #13

LOL J That was hilarious. Can’t wait . . .

(Carson Weitnauer) #14

Hi Beth,

I am so glad to meet you through Connect! Wow, you are really invested in apologetics! I love it! Welcome to the team! :slight_smile:

Reflecting on your commitment to apologetics, what are the threads that join it all up? What keeps you going? What need pushes you into further study and preparation? What’s the heart behind it all? I would love to hear from you on what has sustained such an exemplary commitment for many years. Also, any advice that you have for those of us who are following in your steps?

(Melvin Greene) #15

Welcome, @bethsims. I agree with Carson. You really have invested in apologetics. I admire you for going back to school and going all the way to get your MA. That is great! I have to confess something. I’m a bit envious of you. My dream is to go to Atlanta and visit the RZIM academy; maybe even go to a conference. It would be great to shake hands with Ravi, and some of the other great apologists. Hey, I can even hang out with Carson and have coffee! We can discuss such weighty topics like dispensationalism,or systematic theology, or whether or not Adam and Eve had belly buttons.
Sorry, Beth. I got carried away. I think I’m on a sugar high from the donuts that someone brought in the group home. Anyway, I’m glad your here and I hope you are as blessed as I am from being apart of this community.

(Beth Sims) #16

Hey Melvin - I can already tell that we are going to get along fine and learn a lot!

Go easy on those doughnuts!

(Beth Sims) #17

Hi Carson - I believe we have met before when you headed up the partnership with Ratio Christi!
Yes, I’m still chasing after God and the more I learn about Him, the more I love and trust Him. My heart is for the generations coming after me to know Him - and the statistics reveal that very few are. I want to be ready to answer their hard questions and not send them away to “just have faith” instead of a real answer. As Ravi says, “What I believe in my heart must make sense in my mind.”