Introduction: Bill Brander


(Bill Brander) #1

Hi everyone I will be starting the core module in August. So expect no great revelations from me.
I live in a small town called East London in South Africa.

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @billbrander, welcome! :slight_smile:

I have visited East London to see family. We had a lovely time on the beach though the water was a bit cold for us! Just a lovely, refreshing time to be together. I’m grateful that you are involved in Connect and the RZIM Academy - may your life and witness draw many in East London to love Jesus for the first time.

(Ryan D'souza) #3

Hi Bill. i’m also starting the core module in August. I look forward to interacting with you (possibly) on one of the forums.

(Melvin Greene) #4

Hi @billbrander. It’s great having you here. I hope the core module is a blessing to you. I really enjoyed it. By the way, don’t sell yourself short. You have more to offer than you think. I look forward to hearing from you.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #5

Hey there, @billbrander!!! Welcome! And HUGE congrats on beginning the core module, man!

(Michael John Pavia) #6

HI Bill,
I was in the core module class with you and you asked some great questions.

Good to be staying in touch with you!
God bless,

(Bill Brander) #7

Now we’re alumni? Hey that’s good.

Stay blessed


(Bill Brander) #8

I am trying to figure out which elective to start off 2019 with:
Engaging the Modern World or The Bible elective.

What are your thoughts on this?