Introduction: Brandon Little


(Brandon Little) #1

Hi, my name is Brandon Little. I live in Wichita, Kansas and I’m 29. My wife and I have a 2 year old son and she is due to have another boy in October.

After being in retail for 8 years, I recently switched careers to serve as Director of Children’s Ministry at my home church. I’m excited to be there and I’m also excited to have found this resource so I look forward to learning from everyone.

(Kathleen) #2

So good to have you here, Brandon, and congratulations on the new job in ministry! I have found that children usually have some of the best questions about the nature of faith and life, so I do hope that you share some good ones that you get with the rest of us! :grin:

(Jamie Hobbs) #3

Welcome, Brandon. Other than being a father (a state to which I can relate), ministry as far as I can tell is about the hardest thing on the planet to do. And also the most rewarding. May God bless you on your ministerial path.

(Carson Weitnauer) #4

Hi @bwlittle,

Welcome! I hope you and your wife are able to get some sleep between now and October. :slight_smile: I have a four and six year old. They are a joy, but it is tough to be woken up at 2am with concerns about monsters. :slight_smile:

I would love to hear the backstory behind the decision to become the Director of the Children’s Ministry at your home church. Candidly, I get concerned when I see a low bar for children’s ministry at church and a high bar for their sports and education. I hope we can be the most incredible free resource for you and your church community to raise up the next generation of incredible evangelists and humble Christian leaders!

(Brandon Little) #5

The lack of sleep will definitely take some getting used to again…I have a Bachelors in Ministry so I’ve been moving toward this career move for a awhile. My experience has been volunteering with high schoolers because I wanted to basically be the positive influence that I wish I had at that age.
I really look forward to helping children grow and developing solid foundations for them that hopefully stick throughout life. I’ll bring some of their tough and honest questions to the group!