Introduction: Brandyn

(Brandyn Noronha) #1

Hi everyone,

I’m Brandyn Noronha,26.
I live in Mumbai, India, working as a cabin crew for Reliance pvt airlines.
I feel really glad and blessed to be a part of your community.

God bless.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@Brandyn, Welcome to Connect! What an opportunity to meet different people everyday in your line of work and share the good news of Christ! I too am originally from Mumbai and have many childhood memories there. This community has been great to learn about a variety of questions that different people with different backgrounds deal with. Look forward to learning with you as you join the discussions.

(Brandyn Noronha) #3

Hi Laxmi,
Yes indeed, A great career platform to spread God’s message to others. Glad to know you’re from Mumbai. I’m originally from Nasik, a city not far away from here. I’ve been living in Mumbai since 5 years now and its been amazing.
Thankyou for the warm welcome and yes, looking forward to learn and contribute my thoughts here.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #4

Glad you are enjoying Mumbai. We will be in Nasik on our next trip to India to visit family. I still need to find out more about the christian community in Nasik.

(Brandyn Noronha) #5

Oh that’s wonderful. Well, honestly there’s not much I know about any rigorous and active Christian community in Nasik and aIso Ive been out of touch with the city for quite a while, but if you need any information or help regarding any other general stuff like transportation or specific cuisine restaurants please feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

(Lakshmi Mehta) #6

Thanks Brandyn. I might do that :slight_smile: Nasik seems to be so full of temples but few churches.

(Brandyn Noronha) #7

I know. Its called the City of Pilgrimage afterall. I fear there is a very low concentration of youth in the Churches which are already few. The youth in Nasik definitely need spiritual guidance and encouragement.

(Jules) #8

Hi Brandyn, thanks for being a part of this forum…
you have a Portuguese last name! lol
:pray: :v:

(Brandyn Noronha) #9

Hi Jules! It’s my pleasure to be a part of this forum. My great grandfather was infact Portugese! :smiley: Are you from Portugal? Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

(Daniel Mchimba) #10

@brandyn nice to see you on this community, blessings to you.:+1:

(Brandyn Noronha) #11

Thankyou brother @Daniels. Likewise🙏
God bless.