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(Brian Lalor) #1

Greetings from China,
My name is Brian. I am 38 and originally come from Ireland. I moved to Asia in 2004 and became a Christian in Viet Nam in 2009. I love rugby, kickboxing and the study of theology. I am married to a beautiful lady from America who I met in Viet Nam. We have two daughters and are in the process of adopting another little girl from China. I live with chronic pain which is the main hindrance to my faith. I am looking forward to learning from this community.

(Sieglinde) #2

Welcome @brianlalor. I used to refer to myself as a Cathobapticostal! My mom was raised Catholic, my dad Baptist yet my mom took us to a Pentecostal Church. I’ve never heard anyone else refer to themselves that way until I read your bio :grinning:
I am so sorry you live in chronic pain. I will lift you up in prayer.

(Brian Lalor) #3

Thank you, that is much appreciated. Yes I love all the different dominations. I attend a charismatic Church here in China but will be attending a Baptist one in America this summer. It is great to able to learn from the different groups.

(Heidi Mitchell) #4

Hi Brian! @brianlalor

What a neat story you have! Having all of that cultural experience, Ireland, Asia, marrying an American - your perspective on faith around the world must be so interesting.

I’m sorry for your pain- that must be hard in the day-to-day commitments and interests you have. My brother deals with chronic pain, as well as, loving to be active and a busy dad/husband. So, I’ve seen how hard that can be.

Thanks for joining us. I’m sure we would all love to hear your take on things in the discussions here in Connect. It’s such a great place to learn and grow together. :relaxed:

(Betti Saad) #5

Hello Brian, I reckognisez straight away that your name must be from Ireland; as I have lived myself in Ireland for 11 years. I am Swiss and have returned to Switzerland again 13 years ago. Your story sound extremely interesting because you found Jesus in a non christian country far away from “religious” Ireland. God has a sense of humour. I am sorry to read that you live with chronical pain. its something hard to crasp for me. May God give you the strenght to manage life in the Lords joy despite the pains. God bless you and your familiy

(Brian Lalor) #6

Yes it has been quite the journey so far. I studied Islam in Jakarta in 2004, then Buddhism in Thailand in 2005 and was always into the new age. But thanks be to God, he opened the eyes of my heart in good old communist Viet Nam:-)

(Brian Lalor) #7

He does indeed! It is quite funny the number of people coming to faith in these communist countries:-) 11 years in Ireland is a long time. You are more Irish than me at this stage. Apparently I sound like an American, or so I was told by an 11 year old:-( while throwing in turf last summer.

(Jonathan Pyle) #8

Hi Brian, I’m guessing you are from Ireland - as am I? God wants you well. I am an ordinary Christian, nothing special but am now actively ministering healing to people. I am doing so as I attended a DHT training event at JGLM ministry in the US last year and another training event called a TLR kickstart. I regularly see people healed of pain. What I suggest is you contact JGLM in Texas and ask them if someone will minister healing to you. They will probably have someone in your area and they will go to you free of charge to minister healing. It involves a quick prayer usually. Jesus commanded followers to heal the sick and you see in the Book of Acts that the early Church healed all who were brought to them. Once you have seen it in action you can learn it too - although there is nothing to learn as such, just to unlearn traditions and doctrines of men that cause people to doubt healing is for today. If you have any questions I’ll be happy to help.

(Jonathan Pyle) #9

When I say I’m an ordinary Christian, nothing special, that is actually a wrong thing to say, sorry. I’m a Christian and as such I am extraordinary, I have God’s Spirit inside of me and He is the healer.

(Brian Lalor) #10

It is nice to hear from a fellow countryman:-) I am from Tipperary myself. It is wonderful everytime I go home to see a new fellowship popping up in every town in the midlands. God is moving on the emerald isle!
At this stage, I’d say I know every word of the technician training course off by heart. I love Curry’s teaching. He is in my opinion one of the greatest living historians of the pentecostal movement. I have also listened the new man course three times. I love it! Everybody from Bill Johnson to Todd White has laid hands on me at this stage, and I’ll look you up next time I am home, God willing.
Have a great day and keep burning for Him.

(Matthew Turney) #11

Welcome, Brian! My prayer is that your chronic pain is removed from your body. If it isn’t, my hope is that there is hope found in the suffering. We live in a fallen world. Pain will be relieved in our new bodies! If you want to hear a great lecture on that subject. Get on youtube and watch Jon Lennox. Type in John Lennex Veritas forum, Duke University. Great lecture-- and at the end, a question is asked about suffering. I love his answer. I hope you will too! Matt

(Brian Lalor) #12

Thank you for the warm welcome. I have huge respect for Dr. Lennox. I will look up the answer you mentioned.

(Matthew Turney) #13

I’d love to hear from you after you listen to that lecture. Thanks!