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(Bronwyn pearse) #1

Hi everyone my name is Bronie. I live in Australia. I am a school teacher of junior primary children. For the last 12 years I’ve had the privilege of working with children who have come to Australia with no English. They are mainly refugees. So I work a lot with muslims particularly as well as people from other faiths. Australia on the whole is not a practising Christian country. I attend influences church under Ashley and Jane Evans who are actually living in Atlanta where they have established a church. I mix with a lot of non Christians and sharing my faith is challenging in the sense of making it relevant and understandable to the average person not going through traumatic experiences . I reached my 50th birthday last year and felt challenged by the fact I haven’t led anyone to Christ for a few decades. Australia is not like America where there is I expect , an undercurrent of Christian understanding .in Australia there are two no go subjects , politics and religion. You simply avoid them most of the time. Despite this earlier last year I had been having a conversation with an atheist colleague and I got stumped so I decided to do more research and stumbled across Ravi in u tube. To put it simply I have been continually listening to him and others including John Lennox. I got a few basic understandings and have been able to discuss more with my atheist friend who now considers himself a deist and acknowledges the Christian principles under which our democracy in australa has been established on. I have also had a number of conversations with other staff who are from other faiths on the uniqueness of Christianity. It’s been wonderful. You must understand I have been a Christian for over 40 years and have sat through thousands of sermons yet I have not felt strong enough to articulate my faith. To feel like I have a backbone to my faith which has helped tremendously. I have felt that the lord has led me to rzim and I intend to do some of the courses offered this year. So hi to my new American friends . God bless you Ravi and your team. As I write this I am on school holidays and am about to go swimming with some Australian sea lions near port Lincoln in South Australia. It’s a must do for animal lovers. X God bless Bronie

(SeanO) #2

@Bronie Glad doors are opening up to talk about Jesus and so excited to hear of your desire to share His love and truth. God bless your efforts. Enjoy swimming with sea lions - that’s wild. Life is an adventure!

(Bronwyn pearse) #3

Thanks Sean

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome to Connect, @Bronie! We’re glad you’ve joined us here, and it’s so good to hear about how the Lord has been moving in your life. Looking forward to having you join in on the conversation in this community!

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Thanks Kathleen x

(Keldon Scott) #6

Welcome aboard @Bronie. What challenges you do have. So glad you have joined. I think you are on a journey of substantial worth. Thank God for all those sermons. But, the practical application can be daunting. I think you will find the members here helpful, caring, and so very rich in knowledge. Definitely if you have the time engage the Academy. You will find that the organization and the categorization taught will enable your dialog as you reach out to those who God has placed in your path. God-bless your time here and your journey.

(Bronwyn pearse) #7

Thank you Scott for your warm welcome. It’s almost as warm as the temperature here today 41 degrees :fire: