Introduction: Bryan Behl

(Bryan Behl) #1

Bryan Behl
Emerging Apologists Program participant summer 2017
UF B.A. Classical Studies '09
UF M.A. History - Late Antiquity '12
Occupational Campus Missionary with Reliant Mission at the University of Florida/Gator Christian Life
Husband since 2014; Father since 2015 (3 sons)
Interests: church planting movements, theology, philosophy, cultural commentary/analysis, Marvel Comics, Boardgames

Reasons for signing up for RZIM connect: Not super involved in online communities, but hopefully it is a good way to keep in touch with other EAP participants. I hope to be more involved eventually with the online courses, but right now we have 3 boys 3 and under, so we’re still trying to figure out life.

(Edited to add more information.)

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Hey there, Bryan! Welcome to Connect. Would you mind telling us a bit more about yourself? Connect is as much a community as it is a Christian apologetics resource. We’d love to know more about what brought you here and what you’d hope glean from being here. Also, admittedly, I have no idea what EAP 2017 means.:roll_eyes: Help please.:pray:t6: Seriously, tho…WELCOME!

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @Bryancb! 3 boys under 3…?! Holy smokes. That’s amazing! (And, no doubt, a bit crazy. Ha!) We look forward to seeing you here if you get some spare moments in your life. :wink:

@WarnerMiller, the EAP is the new Emerging Apologists Program held at the ZI in Atlanta. :slight_smile:

(Keldon Scott) #4

Welcome board @Bryancb. Very glad that you have Joined. It does look like you have your plate full. Blessings to you. Please share with us from time to time your challenges. And When you get a chance check out some of the online courses with the Academy. You are a great add to our site and we are thankful you are here. God-bless.