Introduction: Caleb Eldridge

(Caleb Eldridge) #1

Hi everyone my name is Caleb. Currently, I am a Masters Degree Candidate at Auburn University studying Geology. I was raised as a Christian and have been blessed to have had many fantastic models of walking in step with Christ growing up. My interests in apologetics started with my studies in Geology. In this field, as with many science fields, the reigning paradigm is scientism. Because of this, I began to seek out evidence for God and the validity of the Bible, specifically the relationship of science and the Bible. RZIM has really allowed me to start to learn more of how to answer people in their questions that they too may have regarding Christianity.

(Kathleen) #2

War Eagle, @calebeldridge! We’re glad you’ve joined us here on Connect. :grin: Very interesting to hear about your studies, and I’m glad that God is raising up men and women in the science fields to intelligently combat the ever-increasing reliance our western culture has on science as holding all the answers. Blessings upon your studies and your personal ministry amongst your colleagues and neighbours!

(Bob Beck) #3

Hi Caleb,

I’m glad you found this fellowship. Have you heard of the
Institute for Creation Research? They could be a good
resource for you.


(Caleb Eldridge) #4

Yes I have actually. They have some really good information. I also really enjoy Answers in Genesis which is the group that started the Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter.

(Brittany Bowman) #5

Welcome, Caleb! We’re thankful to have you join us, and I echo @KMac’s sentiments of rejoicing to have a Christian seeking to influence fellow scientists. I hope you’ll ask the questions that have been on your mind, as well as share some of your knowledge of geology on the threads. Looking forward to hearing from you!