Introduction: Cameron

(Cam Kufner) #1

Hi everyone

(SeanO) #2

@CamKufner Welcome to Connect! The Lord Jesus grant you wisdom as you study His Word and bless you through your time here on the forms.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Hey there, Cameron! Welcome to RZIM Connect. So glad you found your way to our little online community. So, what’s brings you here?

(Cam Kufner) #4

Thank you, Warner. I’m a fan of Ravi’s work and I wholeheartedly support his ministry. I have been interested in apologetics ever since I’ve been saved. As a former atheist, I find apologetics so necessary, not as a need for me to feel my Christian worldview is rational, but because I know we have to answer the deeper questions that the unbeliever may have in order to lead them to the light and the truth. Only the truth can set them free.

(Randall Banfield) #5

Welcome Cameron. I’m new here also, but u have great feeling about this community. God bless your journey to love and knowledge of our savior Jesus.

(Randall Banfield) #6

I meant “I” have a great feeling about this community.

(Cam Kufner) #7

Thank you, Randall. I have a great feeling about this community too. I plan on growing in knowledge of our savior Jesus Christ. This seems like a great community to be a part of it.