Introduction: Carey Nelson

Hi everyone, I am an RZIM Alumni from the last Core Mode. I am look forward to learning much from all of you, and maybe share a few things from an old cowboys thoughts along the way with you. I have been around longer then most of you I suspect, I am 66 this Christmas eve.
thank you…


Welcome to Connect, Carey @nelsonzo6! Glad to have you and your cowboy insights here with us. Every voice on Connect brings a unique perspective—and we need each other. Thank you for your willingness to share. I hope you will feel welcome here and both contribute your answers and pose some constructive topic questions relevant to your own context. Again, welcome!


@nelsonzo6 welcome to Connect.
Looking forward to some cowboy perspective here.
I’ll be 70 next year I ride a Harley but also ride horses.


God bless you and welcome to connect @nelsonzo6. Your introduction was so endearing to read :heart: It will be such a blessing for you to engage here and allow us to glean from your wisdom and experience. I do hope to read more from you :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome on board @nelsonzo6. Good to have another Academy alum connecting with us. Offer that sage! Many are looking for guidance and with the foundations and experiences you have many will be blessed. Thanks for coming alongside us here. God-bless you and your journey.


Welcome to Connect, @nelsonzo6! We’re so glad you have joined our community. Also love that you were born on Christmas Eve! :christmas_tree: :star2: What a beautiful time to celebrate both your birth as well as the birth of our Lord! Look forward to learning with and from you!


Really liked your genuine down home intro. Glad you are here so all can grow in Christ and learn together about His goodness and mercy. From a former city slicker who has fallen off (literally) but got right back on. Lets stay upright in His saddle heading down the straight and narrow.
God bless look forward to reading your posts.

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Thank you all for your warn posts. I look forward to learning together. it helps us all to more effectively share Christ with the seeking.

thank you…