Introduction: Carla Ospina

(Carla) #1

Hi everyone,
It has been a while since I completed the Core Module.
I am thrilled to be able to share my Christian journey with like minded brothers and sisters.
Fellowship is very important to live an abundant life in Christ.
Even though we attend church regularly, we can get disconnected sometimes when we are too entangled on our daily routines. Time is flying these days and it does not leave much to just sit back and wonder at God’s creation and deeds. I am working on changing that.
I want God to look at me and say the same thing he said about David… (with a little change of gender reference, of course) “A woman after God’s heart”
I am very far from that now, but it is my heart’s desire to please him in everything I do, feel and think.
Growing in the Lord together is such a wonderful way to build a loving community that exemplifies the love of Christ on this earth.

(Lakshmi Mehta) #2

@carlaospina, So glad you took the time to join the Connect community despite the busyness in your life right now. May God maximize your time spent here on Connect to nourish your walk with the Lord. Welcome and I pray that you will be encouraged!

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(Carla) #3

Thank you Lakshmi!
I am glad I found the invitation on my junk box this time. I missed it the first time…but God times are always perfect. So happy I am here!