Introduction: Carol Hovan

(J. Carol Hovan) #1

Hi everyone, I’m Carol Hovan, and I just completed my first RZIM course, the Core Module. I learned so much; it was definitely a brain fill and I wish I could say that I understood everything. But it was a great learning experience. I live in Brentwood, Tennessee (basically South Nashville) and officially retired from employment in September 2018, so I’ve entered a new phase of life and am excited about what God has in store for me and how He will use me to further His kingdom.

(SeanO) #2

@carolhovan May Christ bless you in this stage of your life as you share His love and glory! So glad you’ve joined us here on Connect. Keep on studying - little by little :slight_smile: Look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions on the forms. Blessings.

(Ogah) #3

Bless you ma’am, the Lord promises to fill the hungry when they come to Him and I am happy you are excited about what God has in store for you. Continue to seek Him, He teaches line upon line and precept upon precept. Congratulations on your retirement!

(Kathleen) #4

Brentwooooood! I was just there over Christmas! I have a good number of friends spread out in the Nashville area, and I, myself, am originally from Memphis. Good to have another Tennessean on the community! :slight_smile:

(Suzanne Richardson) #5

Hi @carolhovan, so glad to have you as a part of this community! I too finished the Core Module not long ago and agree completely that the content exercised the brain wonderfully! What were some of the most interesting segments to you? Also, do you think you might take an elective down the road?

Congrats on retiring and hope your next journey is a joyous and peaceful one!