Introduction: Carson Weitnauer for Japan Apologetics

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

My name is Carson Weitnauer and I serve as the general “host” for RZIM Connect.

When Yutaro, Melody, and Bernice from the RZIM Asia team contacted me about the idea of enabling a space for Japanese-speaking Christians to discuss their faith together, I was excited to support their efforts.

My personal connection to Japan comes through my family. My brother studied abroad in Japan during high school. At the end of his studies, I cam with my family visit him, meet his host family, and do some sight-seeing. We had an exceptional experience visiting Tokyo and other cities in your beautiful country.

I believe that asking a good question can be a way of loving our neighbor. Through asking questions, we can create conversations that draw us closer together, help us explore the truth, and build a stronger relationship with God. I am praying for and celebrating what God may do as a community of Japanese-speaking Christians humbly serves one another in RZIM Connect.