Introduction: Charles H

(Charles Hermelink) #1

Hi everyone
I pastor a church in urban East Toronto, across the street from one of the largest and oldest mosques in our city. My academic background is a BS in Cross Cultural Communication and Concentration in Islamic Studies from North Central University, Minnneapolis, MN, and an M-Phil (candidate) with emphases in Multiculturalism, Social Science and Islamic Philosophy from Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand. I have our church host as a live stream site for the RZIM UAI each year.

(SeanO) #2

@CharlesH Welcome to Connect! My MA is in cross cultural studies, so I would be curious to learn about your experiences in MN and what you are studying in your degree program. May the Lord Jesus richly bless your time here on Connect and may many come to know His love and truth through your ministry. Out of curiosity, how did you originally get interested / feel called to cross cultural ministry?

(Charles Hermelink) #3

Hi SeanO: My MA Studies were done over 30 years ago! I sensed the Lord’s call to ministry while I was in Jr High, but was a bit of a Jonah to that call at least until half way through university (studies in Int’l Marketing). Then went to North Central, and the rest is history. You?

(SeanO) #4

@CharlesH Went to Moody Theological Seminary for a few years while ministering at as an English Minister at Korean Church - absolutely loved both. Right now serving the Lord in the marketplace. I’m sure your many years of experience in ministry have taught you things no class can.