Introduction: Charles

(Charles) #1

Hi everyone I’m Charles :slight_smile:
I live in the Philippines and my profession is Network Engineer. I grew up in a loving Christian family but ended up with so many questions that I believe had clouded my faith, I accepted Jesus in my life as Lord and Saviour, but just can’t move forward. It’s just His grace and my desire to know Him that kept me seeking, and Christian apologetics through RZIM is one of the ways that the Lord used to reveal Himself to tell me and to tell me to trust Him for He alone has all the answer.
I just finished the Core Module and I’m excited to take on other courses. I just have this deep desire to know Him more, to share the gospel and the Christian faith, and to help people who’s going through the same struggle that I had in the past, asking and looking through both the question and the questionner (just learned this haha)

(SeanO) #2

@selrahc_0319 Welcome to Connect! So glad you have decided to join us and what a blessing to hear of your desire to know and honor the Lord Jesus - He is faithful! May you be filled with His Spirit and grow in grace and knowledge of Christ each day. See you on the forums.

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @selrahc_0319. So glad to have you with us. It is a blessing to hear how you have sought and found. Keep seeking. This is a good place for you to share your thoughts and your learning. I look forward to reading your posts. God-bless your journey.

(Kathleen) #4

Hello, @selrahc_0319, and welcome to Connect! It’s such an encouragement to hear of all the ways God has been working in your life. We hope this forum is yet another source of encouragement for you. Looking forward to seeing you out there in conversation! :slight_smile:

(Charles) #6

Yes, that is my heart’s desire. Thank you so much Sean :slight_smile:

(Charles) #7

Sought and found, ya :blush: Thank you so much Keldon. Haha not much to share but so much to ask :sweat_smile:

(Charles) #8

Thank you also Kathleen :blush: ya, still a work-in-progress.