Introduction: Chelsea

(Chelsea Casali) #1

Hi everyone!

My name is Chelsea. I’m excited to join this community to learn and grow closer to Christ together. I live with my husband in Connecticut and work in a school system as an occupational therapist.

Apologetics has always been of great interest to me. I came to know Christ in middle school, but my family did not yet know Him. They are intellectuals and would ask me hard question after hard question. God has worked SO MUCH in my family over the years and I want so badly for them to come to true belief.

In my own walk of faith, I also struggle with many doubts and questions that I try to work through. I often feel like the odd one out in my Christian community because belief and trust don’t always seem to come as easy to me. Despite my questions, I truly love Jesus and desire to know Him more. I’m excited to learn from the conversations in this community and grow closer to God. I live in the Northeast and have a huge passion for evangelism, it will be great to learn from each other on ways to share the good news.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

God bless,

(Matthew Mingus) #2

Wonderful to have you here Chelsea. Welcome. You are in the right place to ask questions and strengthen your faith. There are many knowledgeable people here, and many who are also seeking answers. Especially today, questions arise frequently. I find that as you grow in your faith, the better your questions become. Jesus Christ never discouraged anyone from asking questions and seeking answers. The book of Proverbs itself tells us over and over again to seek knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Never feel afraid to ask questions and seek answers. The more knowledge and understanding you seek, the stronger your faith will become. We are very glad to have you here and look forward to hearing what you have to say, and what questions you have to ask. God bless you and thank you.

Matthew Mingus

(Moses) #3

Welcome, Chelsea :slight_smile:

(Joshua Spare) #4

Welcome to Connect, @Chelsea_Casali! I love to hear your story, and how God has persevered your faith, even through your family’s inquisition of your faith! Praise God for His goodness! And I love your honesty about your continued wrestling with questions and doubts; I too have the same persistent struggle, and I know that you and I are definitely not alone in this fantastic community in that!

Again, welcome to Connect! I am so excited to have you along in this community, and I very much look forward to your contributions in the coming days!

(Jennifer Wilkinson) #5

Welcome, Chelsea! I’m so glad you’ve joined our community here. Never be ashamed of your questions and doubts. Faith shouldn’t be blind. God wants us to think and ask tough questions. Your struggles make you a stronger evangelist because you understand the questions of the people you want to reach. May God’s peace fill your heart as you reach out to the hurting world around you.

(Richard Addison Arthur) #6

Welcome, Chelsea !
You’ll find that many Christians share your experience. Ravi has founded a marvelous format of intelligent discussion for thinking Christians. For myself, it has been an oasis for understanding this Life. One key to that, which is lost to so many intellectuals is that being Christian is a way of life and not a “religion” subject to dismissal by non-believers who have entrenched positions in the realm of unending & sometimes unkind discourse. It’s always helped me to say to them: “There are three sides to every story: yours, mine and the truth…(or God’s)”. If we truly practice intellectual honesty, we learn the value of paying attention in order to understand. Many blessings to you on your journey. When we have Christ, the destination already abides.
In Christ,
Richard Arthur