Introduction: Chris Geisler, Minneapolis, MN


(Chris Geisler) #1

Hello. I’m new to this forum. I recently completed the Christian Apologetics Core Module through RZIM Academy. I enjoyed the lectures very much. I would like to spend more time with the material and was told that as an alumni I would have access to course content through RZIM Connect. I’m hoping for this access and also to learn and interact through other forum discussions.

I live in Minneapolis, MN. It’s winter, it’s cold. The “Big Game” is tomorrow evening in my backyard.

I’m actively seeking to know and follow God more closely. I’m pouring myself into apologetics. In the past couple of years I’ve gone on two Christian medical mission trips, moved by Matthew 28 and the Great Commission. Last year I traveled to Charlotte, NC and attended the National Conference on Christian Apologetics hosted by Southern Evangelical Seminary. There I met Dr. Norman Geisler, and heard many well known Christian Case-makers, including, Turek, Wallace, and Habernas. I’m convicted by 1 Peter 3:15. I thoroughly enjoy hearing and reading C.S. Lewis, Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, and John Lennox.

I wish I could find the time to read more and enroll in Christian online courses, however life is busy with work and two children. I’m trying my best to work for God where He has me, and influence those He puts in my life.

(SeanO) #2

@chrisgeisler Welcome to Connect! Praise the Lord that you are seeking Him!

We have a lot of conversations in the Daily Evangelism section, many of which are launched by @CarsonWeitnauer, who also provides the AskRZIM section of the site where we can ask questions directly to RZIM’s speakers.

It sounds like God has put two little ones in your path every day to share His love and truth with :slight_smile: May He continue to show you who He wants you to love, guide and strengthen through the truth of His Word and the power of His Spirit.

Please post any questions or thoughts you have - lots of good people here eager to listen / respond.

(Tim Ramey) #3

@chrisgeisler Hey Chris, hello from another Minnesotan. However, we live up north on Lake Superior and run a lodge outside of Grand Marais. Come by and say “hi” if you are ever our way.

(Jimmy Sellers) #4

Welcome to the forum. I think you will find it informative and thought provoking.

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi @chrisgeisler, welcome! We’re so glad you’ve joined Connect. It is always a pleasure to meet alumni of the RZIM Academy - it is an amazing program!

Please do share with us the great resources, articles, videos, etc. you find as you go. We’re a curious, friendly group eager to spur one another on in evangelism.

(Keldon Scott) #6

So glad to read your enthusiasm. That must have been awesome meeting dr. Geisler. What was your favorite part about the core module? It is awesome to have you join us. I look forward to reading your posts and input to the site. Welcome aboard