Introduction - Chris Sims

(Chris Sims) #1

Hi, my name is Chris, I’m a native of the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in College Station, TX. I wanted to join RZIM Connect to know more about the faith and how to defend as best I can. I hope to contribute what I learn through experience, evangelism, questions I’ve had that I now have answered, etc!

Thanks for welcoming me!

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Chris. :smiley: It is wonderful to hear of your heart to know Christ and also share His love with others. You have certainly come to a place that strives to do that. Looking forward to hearing your questions and answers on the forums!

(LaTricia J.) #3

Greetings @Chris_Sims. You’ve definitely come to the right place. I believe that Connect offers many of us a unique opportunity to grow in areas of apologetics and evangelism, not only because that’s the springboard of the platform by way of RZIM, but we have a diverse group of people who use this forum to learn and exchange ideas. I am sure you will be well pleased with your Connect experience.