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(chris john) #1

Hello, I am from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. Yesterday evening It being the beginning of the sabbath I asked God to lead me to read or watch something He wants me too, I came across Sam Alberry “how can I know my gender”. I already am an avid listening/watcher on youtube of Ravi Zacharias, an amazing man of God and the amazing RZIM team, so was happy to see it was from RZIM, When i saw the advert for rzim connect I knew this morning I would be joining. Thank you for having this.
I hope to contribute in any way possible, I desire to do so very much.

(Sieglinde) #2

This is inspiring :heart: Welcome to connect. One of my Pastors from a church long ago was a missionary in Trinidad. He had many amazing stories. I think it’s wonderful how God led you here. I look forward to your insight :slightly_smiling_face:

(chris john) #3

Thank you very much,I do not attend a church but I look forward to learning from this community.

(Anitta Trotter) #4

Hei Chris
My dear friend is from SanFernando, and another is in Princes Town, which I have visited.

Enjoy the journey!


(Sara Isaac) #5

Hello Chris! It’s so great having you here with us. I watched Sam’s talk too and was so moved. Are you having a hard time finding a church?

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #6

Welcome aboard @chris2. What a Grandweaver we have in Him. This site is great and global. There are so many well read and caring members so take advantage. And, I expect that you will be a blessing to many here. I am glad you have come along with us.

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(chris john) #7

Thank you Anitta, its so cool you are familiar with my country, I hope you had a great time on your visit and that you will do so again.

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(chris john) #8

Hi Saraisaac, thank you for the welcome, its not so much that I am having a hard time finding a church its more that I am not looking anymore, the corporate organisation-like atmosphere of .churches don’t appeal to me, I love the word and love to study and discuss it and learn from others, I love Jesus and want to know Him more and I gain from teachers who act like sign post to Jesus and not to themselves. I do much of my learning online, so glad I recently discovered Ravi and RZIM. I don’t think church is bad I actually encourage those around me to go its just that I don’t think it for me. God bless you.

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(chris john) #9

Thank you Keldon_Scott, I am so happy to have found a forum like this, I am grateful to God for directing me to this site and to the hardworking people who make this all work. God bless you.

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(Daniel) #10

Hello Chris, interesting how you found Connect. Look around, there’s a lot to discover and learn here. Many people from all over the world share about faith, the Bible and much more. There are even members from Trinidad and Tobago: Kerron Joseph @Lt_lionhearT :smiley: Welcome and I am looking forward to your contributions.

(chris john) #11

Thanks iDan I am happy to be a member of connect, I am still trying to find my way around , there is alot of resources available and the members are very sincere and knowledgeable i look forward to spending much time on here, God bless.

(Kerron Joseph) #12

Welcome to the community friend. Trini in everything haha. Hope you are blessed the community.

(chris john) #13

Hi and thanks my fellow trini for the welcome, They always say you could find us anywhere lol, nice to meet you. Still new and learning my way around but I look forward to being a part of the community, God bless you.

(Wynn Hardy) #14

Welcome Chris, so glad you are here. There seems to be people from all over the world in this group. I hope to see you on here in the future.

(chris john) #15

Thank you Wynnhardy I appreciate.

(Sara Isaac) #16

Hey @chris2! I have my own struggles with megachurches but I always remind myself that Church is a divine project carried out by human labor. I am with you that you can get better teaching from outside church, but wouldn’t you like to have communion with a group of believers and be like the body of christ? I have a whole different experience in church when I am surrounded by people who know me and strengthen me in christ.

(chris john) #17

That a beautiful way of describing a church, you are right its good to communicate and be encouraged, I think I would feel most comfortable with a small group of friends who are believers and we meet at each others homes to study the word, that setting appeals to me.

(Betti Saad) #18

Hi Chris
Nice to have you here and thank you for your openess. RZIM is truly an amazing ministry that helped me much to get in new dimensions in my walk with Jesus.
I understand how you can feel about joining a church congregation. I felt like this for many years But please consider that God chose to desciples us through the church. God surely has good reasons to want it that way. The church is His bride. I found that being a member of my church has helped me in so many ways. I keep learning humbleness, dealing with people who you can not chose (like the natural family members), I feel I get trained and molded by my brothers and sisters in Christ. I understand now also that the church is for my protection and growth in faith. I hope you understand what I am trying to explain. I wish you all the blessings

(chris john) #19

Thank you bettinafamille, I do understand what you are saying and I appreciate your insight very much have a blessed day