Introduction: Chris

(Chris Haley) #1

Hello, I’m Chris. It’s such a treat to have access to a platform like this. I’m grateful to the men and women who made it available. Thank you

(SeanO) #2

@Haley Welcome to Connect! May you grow in wisdom and knowledge of our Lord through your time here.

(Keldon Scott) #3

Welcome aboard @Haley. I hope you enjoy your time with this platform. Please give an idea as to what you are hoping to engage in most? Where do you help from? Thank you for taking the time to engage. God-bless your time here.

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome to Connect, @Haley! Glad you’ve joined us. :slight_smile: What part of the world are you joining us from?

(Warner Joseph Miller) #5

And we’re grateful that you’ve found your way here, Chris! Welcome to Connect!

(Chris Haley) #6

Good evening Kathleen,
I’m coming from Tacoma, Wa. I’ve been here about two yrs and have really grown to enjoy this part of the country, despite the rain :blush:. How about you?

(Chris Haley) #7

Good evening Scott, if I were to distill down my purpose for joining, I would have to say in order to surround myself with believers who have a more analytical approach toward answering life’s questions. One such question that I’ve been pursuing better understanding, is the intervention of The Holy Spirit in one’s life. Essentially, how to distinguish between emotions, inner conscious voice, and The Holy Spirit. Any thoughts?

(Kathleen) #8

I’m originally from the South - Memphis, TN to be specific. But currently I am based in the UK. I’ve never ventured to the PNW, but it’s a place I’d love to explore! I imagine it’s similar to this island. :umbrella: Ha!

Hope this community is an encouragement to you in your journey! :slight_smile: