Introduction: Christian Rodriguez

(Christian Rodriguez) #1

Hey guys! My name is Christian Rodriguez and I am so excited to learn and dive deep with you all. Im 21 and about to graduate college with a bachelor’s in Audio Production and music. Im obsessed with apologetics and learning why Christ truely embodies truth! Im a YoungLlfe leader which means that I invest in kids who don’t know the gospel… and they have questions and assumptions. This is why apologetics is so important. I am also a hip hop artist (Christian Rey). I want to dive and dig deep and execute what God has planned for me with the utmost knowledge in him.

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #2

It’s nice to meet you @Christian_Rodriguez. I’m happy to see another person who profess passion in apologetics. Let’s sharpen each other in the faith for God’s glory. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @Christian_Rodriguez,

I’ll never forget the only YoungLife meeting I went to! We did a scavenger hunt, picked up some roadkill, and smelled the odorous fumes of a dead animal for the entire night. Then, my team came in last place. :slight_smile: Hilarious thinking about it now. I love YoungLife though and think the leadership of this movement is just amazing. I love what you do.

I’ll bet you get tons of questions from the next generation. We’re very curious to hear them in Connect and would find it a joy to be a resource to you as you encourage these kids with your music, your teaching, and your life. I hope to hear from you often.

(Christian Rodriguez) #4

Hey @CarsonWeitnauer !

Thats so awesome man! What a small world!!! Its so funny because I know exactly what event you are talking about and we do that every year! Hahaha yup it gets pretty wild!