Introduction: Christopher Kohr


(Christopher Kohr) #1

Greetings from northern Virginia! I am almost through the Understanding and Answering Islam 2018 videos and am hungry for more information regarding Christian apologetics, history and knowledge in general. I’m finding the UAI conference is a great stepping stone but I have so many more questions and wish I had more time to devote to such topics. I’m not too familiar with the Discourse format but we’ll see where it goes; I’m very much looking forward to reading and learning from others in the group.

A little background; I grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, went to public school and was raised in a Lutheran church. I studied engineering at Penn State University, moved to Northern NJ and NYC where I met my wonderful wife. Once we knew we wanted children we followed a job to Virginia to get out of the city and here we are, 3 kids later, busier than ever, but very grateful for our growing family.

Thank you for creating this forum; here’s to a great 2018 with more knowledge and wisdom than we all had in previous years!


(Tim Ramey) #2

@Christopher_Kohr Welcome Chris! I think you’ll find Connect offers you more than you could have ever asked for.

(Carson Weitnauer) #3

Hi @Christopher_Kohr, welcome! I am so glad you enjoyed the UAI videos and are exploring more. Connect is an endless source of discussion, learning, and growth. Please ask any question you have here in regards to evangelism and apologetics. I think you’ll find a very encouraging, insightful, and thoughtful set of responses that will spur you on and keep all of us growing in our walk with the Lord!