Introduction: Christopher van Zyl

(christopher van zyl) #1

Hi everyone

I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I have a BSc Degree in human life sciences, with my majors being physiology and biochemistry.
The very first lecture I went to in my first year, we were told that God is not real and were shown ‘evidence’ why that is the case.
I grew up Christian, so hearing this obviously shook me. It caused me to journey and seek out why God is real. By God’s grace I found plenty of resources, and I am in a lot of debt to the works of John Lennox and what they have shown me. They have been a tremendous help. I later discovered RZIM and this has produced such a hunger for truth within me!
I am excited to be apart of a community that seeks to know God more.

Other interests of mine include literature and music. I am a huge CS Lewis and Dostoevsky fan on the literature side, and a huge John Mayer and Mateus Asato fan on the music side.

I pray this group pushes me more to be Christ like, and I pray I may do the same.
God bless

(SeanO) #2

@c3vanzyl I’ve enjoyed discussing Jordan Peterson with you. May the Lord continue to bless your time here - I also really appreciate what John Lennox has contributed. Look forward to more good discussions!

(Jimmy Sellers) #3

Welcome to connect. You have been active for a while so there is no need in telling how great the community is but I can tell that I have enjoyed your contribution and look forward to more great questions and comments.

(christopher van zyl) #4

Definetly! Thank you so much @SeanO, I have learnt a lot from you!

@Jimmy_Sellers yes thank you, it has been a great place. I love it so much. For some reason I thought I had done an introduction already, but I must’ve done something wrong as I saw yesterday at the top of the page, it had a block saying introduce yourself and it didn’t have a tick. Look forward to learning more from you!

(Cobus) #5

Hi Christopher. Cobus de Beer here. I’m a Math teacher in Stellenbosch! Was surpised when I saw a fellow South African on the group! We should meet up for a coffee some time.

(christopher van zyl) #6

Great idea! And a pleasure to meet you!

(Howard Swanson) #7

Consider looking up and joining the American Scientific Affiliation. Also I found Francis Collin’s Utube on why I am a Christian helpful. Howard Swanson

(Jules) #8

#AmazingGrace Mr Christopher! Jesus loves you!
I also very much appreciate John Maier and John Lennox!

(Marvin Mauro) #9

Hi Christopher

Thank you for sharing; warm welcome here!

I had some similarity with your experience during college; but those words did not came from my professors, but from my classmates.

That’s why I am here to learn more.

(christopher van zyl) #10

May you be encouraged! Look forward to learning from you and have you learn from others.
All the best @Marvs. This is truly a beautiful group. I have learned so much.

(Marvin Mauro) #11

Thanks for the encouragement.

I’m just a newbie here, and just to attend the Core Module class on Nov.1.

Do you mind if you can recommend books that you read from John Lennox?

(christopher van zyl) #12

Yes of course!

7 days that divide the world was a game changer for me. I’d recommend starting with that one.

Then God’s undertaker: has science buried God? was brilliant. It really covered all the topics.

Determined to believe is also brilliant. That was a massive help and challenge in how I approach the scriptures.

John Lennox has really been a huge blessing to my life. I hope you enjoy them!

(christopher van zyl) #13

The core module is wonderful! You are going to love it!

(Marvin Mauro) #14

Thanks @c3vanzyl

Got checked it in amazon, and ordering it by the end of this month! :slight_smile:

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #15

Hello Christopher. I’m happy to hear about how the Lord used RZIM in your life. I particularly love the works of John Lennox as well. I pray that we will be able to sharpen each other here in this community. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Marvin Mauro) #16

I just bought his Determined to Believe, God and Stephen Hawking, and God’s Undertaker.
Can’t wait to read this for the holiday :slight_smile:

Thanks again @c3vanzyl

(christopher van zyl) #17

Amazing! Can’t wait to hear what you thought about it.

How have you been enjoying the core module?