Introduction: Cleo

(Cleo Young) #1

Hi everyone,
I am connecting after watching Sam Allberry’s recent live video on gender identity. I’ve been seeking insight on the LBGT topic for a couple of years now and finally discovered Allberry on youtube. Since he identifies with same sex attraction his Biblical insights carry so much weight and are absolutely remarkable and revolutionary!

Although this is not my issue personally, I feel the need to have Biblical revelation on this topic because it is thee most perplexing subject among my Christian friends.

(Renz Raquion) #2

Welcome Cleo! Glad to journey with you here. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jeri Bidi) #3

Welcome Cleo, good to have you here.

(Cleo Young) #4

Thank you for your encouragement.

(Cleo Young) #5

Thank you. Looking forward to what’s in store.