Introduction: Cobus from Stellenbosch, South Africa


(Cobus) #1

Hi everyone

My name is Cobus de Beer. I am a 27 year old Mathematics teacher from Stellenbosch, South Africa. I did the Core Module in 2017. It has impacted me greatly and I have since facilitated an Apologetics course at my high school and local church. I look forward to be continually inspired by likewise followers of Christ on this platform.

PS. I am exploding with excitement as the RZIM team will be visiting my home town, Stellenbosch in 2 weeks!!! A once-in-a-lifetime experience here on the sourthern tip of Africa!!

Cobus de Beer

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Cobus, welcome! It is so exciting that the team is coming to Stellenbosch! My wife and I honeymooned in Cape Town, so we did a drive through Stellenbosch. Wow, so beautiful! We were recently back to visit her family in Lesotho and then spent a few days in Durban. You live in a magnificent country. Certainly some challenges - I hope you’re not affected by the water shortage! All that to say, you live in a place that I feel an affection and appreciation for. I hope we can come alongside you, your church, and your students here in RZIM Connect. The team will be there for a few days, which should be extraordinary, and then we’d love to journey with you for the rest of the year!

(Natasha Morton) #3

Welcome! I look forward to getting to speak with you and your obvious enthusiasm and zeal for Christ!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #4

Nice to see you hear, @cdebeer. Looking forward to learn with you. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile:

(Ashish Money) #5

Hi Cobus, Welcome to the team

(Megan Kemp) #6

Hi there, Cobus - welcome to RZIM Connect! That is awesome that you’ve taught apologetics at your high school and church. What was the response at your high school? What were the backgrounds of the students who attended?

(Cobus) #7

Hi Megan, thanks! The response at my high school was extremely positive. We gathered one evening a week for 9 weeks to work through basic concepts of apologetics - what apologetics is, apologetics in the New Testament, answering questions, asking questions, steering conversations to the spiritual and just touched on some arguments for God’s existence.This came on the back of waves of ‘attack’ against the Christians in our school. The 24 students who attended the sessions were all believers between the ages of 14 to 18 years old from our all boys high school who felt a real need to defend their faith in the classroom and social contexts. Our all boys high school still claims Christianity as its foundation (even amidst many court cases in our country), but is experiencing great change as ‘tolerance’ and ‘liberal’ mindsets are flooding in from the West.

(Cobus) #8

Hi Carson

My sincere appreciation for your reply and interest shown!

Yes, I live in a beautiful country and gorgeous town! Really blessed by the surrounding mountains and ocean! We are affected by the water shortage, and have drastically changed our lifestyles, living of 60 liters a day. But restrictions in Stellenbosch are not as hectic as in Cape Town…

You will not be visiting Stellenbosch with the team? Do you perhaps know someone on the team who will be coming whom I could possibly connect with here over a coffee?

It would also be awesome if we could host an evening of Q & A and sharing at my high school, Paul Roos Gymnasium. Do you think its worth inquiring via the “Request a Speaker” link on the RZIM website, as the various team members would probably have very busy schedules already?

Looking forward to your response.

(Carson Weitnauer) #9

Hi Cobus, yes, I would utilize the contact information on the RZIM South Africa website to get in touch: It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Unfortunately, they have not invited me to come to Stellenbosch! I need to invest more in relationships with our team. :slight_smile: There’s so much going on globally that none of us could go to everything. Also, Mahlatse is scheduled to be the featured itinerant in the #ask-rzim Category in September of this year!

(christopher van zyl) #10

I’m so encouraged by what you did at the high school! I wish I had something like that, and I’m so happy your students had the opportunity! I pray for you and that more opportunities may come your way to equip and encourage.

(Jimmy Sellers) #11

Welcome to connect. I am already learning from you. Your high school apologetics class is something that should be modeled. We have a program where I live that is geared to an after school evangelical program for the public school but I don’t think there is anything for older kids. Looking forward to your input.

(Cobus) #12

Hi Jimmy

Thanks for the email, much appreciated.

The course we presented at school was a real eye opening experience. I realized the need for teenage Christians to be equipped in responding to rhetoric and ‘persecution’ they experience all the more frequently in class and social circles. During the course, however, we only touched on some Apologetical arguments, but rather spent a lot of time focussing on listening, asking questions, getting into the driver’s seat of a conversation, shifting the burden of proof, etc. I would definitely send you some material we put together for the sessions if you’re interested?

Kind regards