Introduction: Cody Mitchell

(Cody Mitchell) #1

Hi everyone,

My name is Cody Mitchell, I am a 17 year old Christian from NSW Australia with a keen interest in apologetics, history, politics, philosophy and (to a lesser extent) science.

I really enjoy the work of Ravi Zacharias, Dr William Lane Craig and others and wish to be able to ably “give an answer” for why I believe in Christ.

Currently, I am hoping to study History and Politics at University next year with the ultimate goal of being involved in politics, evangelism or teaching.

Best regards,

(Kathleen) #2

Hello, @CodyBMitchell! So glad you’ve found us here on Connect. Love that you have a passion for all those subjects at such a young age, and I would encourage you go for it at Uni! I studied history myself, and really wish I’d supplemented it with some other humanity or social science like philosophy, geography, anthropology, or psychology. Will you be looking to stay in AUS for university?

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #3

Welcome to Connect! Glad to have you on board!

(Cody Mitchell) #4

Thanks Kathleen! Yes, I’m attempting to get into UNE at the moment to do a Bachelor of Arts majoring in History and minoring in Politics.

(Cody Mitchell) #5

Thank you Isaiah, it’s great to be here!

(Keldon Scott) #6

Welcome aboard. We are glad to have you joining us. Having young apologists that are in love with Jesus and wanting to do their best to explain the faith to others is a blessing to be sure. I trust that you will engage frequently. And I look forward to reading your posts

(Cody Mitchell) #7

Thanks heaps for the encouragement!