Introduction: Corey Schmitt

(Corey) #1

Hello! My name is Corey Schmitt I’m 24 years old living in Houston currently working on a college campus trying to engage students for Christ. I’m married a little over a year, and have gotten really hungry to dive into apologetics and team with RZIM to better reach the campus and the globe! Currently taking RZIM Academy electives to better be equipped and looking forward to engage on this platform with many! Thank you!

(Dennis Allen) #2

Good morning Corey. Looking at your time stamp, between the two of us we have, maybe 26 hours in the “Connect” universe!
Looking forward to the journey here. Are you on staff with a college, or para-church group? Curious to know what the most common objections are you’re hearing from your campus friends.

(Corey) #3

great! I’m grateful we get to connect on here. I work alongside Campus Crusade for Christ or CRU at Rice University mostly. I haven’t heard a ton of well formulated objections, mostly vague “I believe in Science” or evolution or whatever. It’s not normally formulated into a challenge of some specific doctrine or thing we believe. But I hope to pick up on more underlying objections as I grow in how to better listen to what underlying beliefs lead to what they are saying.

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome to Connect, @schmitt627! Campus ministry is very close to my heart, and I’m excited for what God will teach you and your students this year! We hope this community can be a place that strengthens and encourages you in your journey of faith, so do reach out! Blessings to you, your new wife, and your ministry!