Introduction: Craig Northwood

(Craig northwood) #1

Hi everyone
My name is Craig and I’m from the valleys of South Wales. I’ve been blessed to attend training weekends at the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics and a few training days in London as well as completing the RZIM introductory training module. I’ve now had the opportunity to begin my own apologetics ministry and registered it as a UK charity, and we are in the process of planning our second conference for later this year. I’m looking forward to learning from you all, meeting new friends and being part of the community
God bless!

(Steve Kell) #2

Great Craig, I am looking forward to gleaning all I can from faithful folks here.

What made you take the steps with RZIM to do your training? Has it been encouraging to your faith? worthwhile? I’d love to hear why😀

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Welcome to Connect, Craig! Praise the Lord for your heart to serve Him.

(Craig northwood) #4

Hi Steve - I was once an alcohol addicted atheist who was determined to convince people there was no ‘evidence’ for Christianity. When I (very unexpectedly) was saved and delivered, its as if the Lord turned my old attitude upside down and I became determined to learn about all the evidence FOR Christianity and to share it. I also encountered a lot of Jehovahs Witnesses and felt a particular call to reach out to them. My search for apologetics resources in general led me to discovering RZIM, and reading a number of books by RZIM speakers (especially Ravi, John Lennox and Nabeel Qureshi) and ultimately to attend the training weekends. Its been a fascinating journey so far and I’m excited for what the future will bring!
How about yourself?

(Craig northwood) #5

Thanks Brittany!

(Steve Kell) #6

They are holding a conference in May I signed up for. Like you, though predominantly on YouTube the people you mention above have given me so much to think about… Also Francis Chan is speaking, and I love his spirit. I am going to view that day with great expectations…

(Kathleen) #7

Welcome, @craignorthwood77! When you said you were from the ‘valleys’ of S. Wales, I read the word in the most lyrical of Welsh accents! :smile: We’re glad you’ve joined us here on Connect. What is the name of the ministry you just began? I have some friends moving to (near-ish) Cardiff this summer with UCCF, and I’m wondering if the connection would be a valuable one. Blessings to you!

(Craig northwood) #8

Hi Kathleen - yes, it’s certainly a unique accent! :grin:I didn’t grow up in the valleys (though I am Welsh) but moved here a couple of years ago and I am still adjusting to the culture shock! Lol. My ministry is called 136 Apologetics (named after 1 Corinthians 3:6 “I planted, Apollos watered but God gave the increase”). We have a website and can be found on Facebook, and we’re holding our second full day conference this September. I live in a town called Ystrad Mynach which is only 15 miles from Cardiff, and I also work in Cardiff, so it would be wonderful to connect with your friends!
Every blessing :slight_smile: