Introduction: Dani

(Dani) #1

Hi everyone. I’m from California and enjoy drawing and music and books, but am unsure if I can keep enjoying those things (ie caricatures and cartoons, secular music, and fiction books) or if I should try moving away from them more.

I majored in art, but am finding trouble seeing how I can draw “good” things. I also have Scrupulosity OCD and have trouble avoiding legalism. I will ask a more detailed question in another section, but if I can be pointed to anything relevant for these issues that would be a blessing!!

(SeanO) #2

@Dani Welcome to Connect :slight_smile: May Jesus give you wisdom as you seek career direction. I hope you never stop enjoying drawing - it sounds like you really like it. Even if your career takes another direction, there is no reason you could not keep drawing for the Lord and as a way of processing your own emotions.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #3

Hi there, Dani!!! Welcome to this Connect community! My name is Warner and I’m one of the moderators here but I’m also a full-time artist based out of New York. I have some thoughts regarding your question here and the one you asked on the message board. However, because I’m currently enroute to something, I’ll try to answer a little later.

However I will say, now, that you are most welcomed here and am glad that you’ve found your way to this group of varied people, from all over the world with many different backgrounds – many of whom, have a heart to serve AND learn for God’s glory and to His glory. Welcome, Danielle!

(Nathan Loveland) #4


I’m glad you’re here reading and asking questions. It’s not only you that benefits from answer, but all of use who get to read. First of all, I love art!! Painting runs in the family and I am proud to do my part in carrying on the tradition. I firmly believe God created this world in which we live. I believe he loves art and creativity! I think we can use art to point out His majesty, or we can use art to satisfy our own fantasies. As with anything in life, when it becomes about brining recognition to ourselves, it’s vanity. When we use our talents to direct attention to God, our actions are pleasing to Him. So before you decide to cut all those things out of your life, consider some of the very talented Christian artists that exist, and look to them as role models. This community will be encouraging and supportive either way.

(Dani) #5

Do you know any Christian artists? I know Glenn Keane (Disney: Beast, Ariel, etc.), and Victor Bregeda (surrealist oil painter).


Hi Dani,
Welcome to connect and thanks for being an honest inquirer. Just like some others have said already, keep your passions while you receive appropriate godly counsel which will help you identify the right direction for you. This community is blessed with people of God from diverse backgrounds who can help. I pray that God will give you peace, wisdom and grace to know Him more in the process.

(Scott) #7

Welcome Dani!
I’ve been a lot of things in my career life but I have been an artist personally and professionally and also in terms of music as well. I can relate very much with you. Remember, you have God given talents and gifts. You certainly can use those to illustrate your walk with Christ. You will find a way. Paul was a tent maker and I’m sure he would have encouraged you by saying working with your hands honestly and righteously bring glory to God as just as easily if not more so.