Introduction: Daniel Ch'ng

(Mr Daniel J Ch'ng) #1

Hi all

I’d like to introduce myself and say hello :slight_smile:

I’ve been very encouraged to read some of the discussions that are being had, not just on ideas and the pursuit for truth (as important as they are) but particularly on how people are striving to work out the implications of these truths in their day to day lives.

I’m excited to walk with all of you (virtually!) in our pursuit of Christ.

Speak more soon.


(SeanO) #2

@DanielC Greetings! Glad to hear that you have found Connect encouraging and look forward to hearing more about your journey. Discipleship and spiritual growth are important topics and look forward to engaging with you more on ideas related to them. May you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus through your time here on Connect :slight_smile:

(Kathleen) #3

Welcome, @DanielC! We’re so glad you’re here. What part of the world are you joining us from, and how did you hear about our community here at Connect? :grinning:

(Mr Daniel J Ch'ng) #4

Thanks Kathleen! I’m from Melbourne Australia! I was actually checking out the RZIM website for various reasons and stumbled upon Connect. I listen to some of RZIM’s videos on Youtube and so when I found Connect was curious what sort of discussions were being had. It does really seem to be such an encouraging community where people are exploring the big questions of life together.

(Kathleen) #5

Love it! And I was just in AUS last week. (Albeit, in Perth, so not really near Melbs at all!) Missing the sun and the warmth! :sunglasses: Look forward to seeing you out on the forums!

(Yeddu Prasad) #6

Welcome Daniel. I just joined the group myself and felt encouraged on the welcome responses I got from members.

I believe we all will find answers to the many questions that are important for a meaningful existence here on earth and life after.

Happy learning.