Introduction: Daniel Ilangovan


(Daniel) #1

Hi everyone, this is Daniel from India. I’m a young guy trying to discover God and this world.

(Theja Tseikha) #2

Hello @daniel1591994.
Theja here from India too. :slight_smile: Glad you joined Connect. Its a great platform to ask questions and share insights on our journey to know God. Looking forward to your participation. :slight_smile:

(Keldon Scott) #3

Hey Daniel. Good to have you aboard. How’s it been going in your Discovery process? I trust the core module was a blessing to you. What do you think that you discovered taking that course that you hadn’t digested or considered before? Blessings to you.

(Daniel) #4

Hey thanks Theja, nice to see a fellow Indian over here haha, hope to learn from you. Which part are you from? I’m from the South.

(Daniel) #5

Hello Keldon! Just few years ago I was an atheist though raised in a Christian family, so there’s a long way I’ve come especially through RZIM, I had taken the core module few months after I was born again, it was one of the things that laid a fantastic foundation to my faith especially living in the midst of one of the most diverse countries in terms of culture, thought and philosophy, it’s really great to experience that the word of God is active and alive sharper than any double edged sword it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart, day after day to unravel the mysteries and the love of Jesus against millions of other gods and world views is more than fascinating and incomprehensible, I continue to learn about my, country, people and what we believe, it sure is high in its complexity! I hope to grow each day!

(Keldon Scott) #6

What a great testimony. So glad for you. You have purpose that I know you are already aware. And, you are having an impact in all of those that the Lord sends cross your path. Thank you for sharing that. It put a smile on my face.

(Daniel) #7

Hey thank you for the kind words! :smile:

(Megan Kemp) #8

Wow, @daniel1591994. That’s an amazing testimony indeed. I’m so glad you’re here in RZIM Connect! Welcome!

(Daniel) #9

Hey thanks @Megan_Kemp :smile:

(Carson Weitnauer) #10

Hi @daniel1591994, welcome to Connect!

I’m so curious to hear - what led you to faith in Christ? How did God bring you ‘back home’?

(Tim Ramey) #11

Your story is very heart warming. I’m so glad that you are “back home!” In addition to what @CarsonWeitnauer asked, what things in your life led you to become an atheist? I pray that your time with us in Connect will lead to a deep, deep enrichment in Jesus.

(Valerie Schuetze) #12

Yes, would very much like to hear…we work with youth and three boys recently walked away from their faith. one in particular says he is an atheist. He seemed to really love the Lord and have a good understanding of God’s word, but has seemingly completely turned away so I am very interested in understanding his and your journeys.