Introduction: Daniel the coolest kid in town

(daniel) #1

Hello everyone,
I really like the RZIM youtube channel and all the knowledge that’s on there.
This platform seemed really cool to me for getting some advise and learning about how other people around the world experience christianity.

(Heidi Mitchell) #2

Hey Daniel! @dePloert
Connect should be a great place for you to explore and learn more about truth.

This community has such a great representation of our faith from around the world…very cool :wink:

So glad you’ve joined us- look forward to hearing from you in the forums!

(Daniel) #3

Hi Daniel. A warm welcome to the coolest kid in town :grinning: It’s great that you have joined and are already actively involved. On this platform you can share your experiences with different people about the Christian faith. Stay close to Jesus!

(Keldon Scott (Kel)) #4

Welcome aboard @dePloert the coolest kid in town. I hope you find your time here a blessing. Sharing ideas, concerns, prayer requests, and questions/responses among fellow Christians is what this site is all about. What experiences have you had in you Christian walk that you could share? God-bless you and your journey.

(Sieglinde) #5

Hey @dePloert, the coolest kid in town! Welcome to connect, a safe place to ask your questions and give your input :slightly_smiling_face: