Introduction: Daniel

(Daniel Mchimba) #1

Hi everyone.
My Name is Daniel Mchimba From Lusaka, Zambia :zambia: (Africa) , am happy to join this site, I have been watching the video presentations from YouTube by Sir Dr Ravi Zacharias,for quite a while now and I can confirm that almost all the questions I ever desired to be answered where perfectly answered by Him (RZ). I have a deeper need to learn more of God’s word and share with others. When I have the favor to get help anywhere I can To study and go to reach unreached this has always been my prayer. And I thank God for this #connect.
Thank you.

(Warner Joseph Miller) #2

Great to have you, here, Daniel and WELCOME to the RZIM Connect community! It is my hope and expectation that you would be blessed AND a blessing to the community. Grace and peace to you, brother!

(Omar Rushlive Lozada Arellano) #3

Hello, Daniel (@Daniels). It’s encouraging to hear how Ravi had helped so much in answering all your questions. May your stay here help you in reaching the unreached. Welcome to Connect! :slight_smile: