Introduction: Daren Allee

(Daren) #1

Hi everyone, I lost my faith after 9/11/2001, but God kept pursuing me. I would have given up on me long ago, but He didn’t. It was the creation stories through which I lost my faith, and it was the creation story that God gave back to me in a different way that restored my faith. Through all of it, seeing God more clearly and experiencing His closeness have been the greatest gift. He kept answering my questions, and continues to do so. I want to encourage others to wrestle with God rather than throw in the towel.

(SeanO) #2

@dlallee68 Keep on pressing into Him - He is bigger than all of our questions! Look forward to hearing more of your story and engaging on the wonderful journey of knowing Jesus more.

(Joshua Spare) #3

Welcome to Connect, @dlallee68! I would be interested to hear more about your story - perhaps I’m just missing it, but I’m curious how the events of 9/11 and their connection to creation stories led to you stepping away from your faith? And with that, I would love to hear how the creation stories brought you back! It is always such a joy and an encouragement to read other’s stories of how God is redeeming!

(LaTricia J.) #4

Welcome to Connect, and welcome back home! Like @jspare, I would like to hear more about your ‘prodigal son’ story. Please share if you’re willing to.

(John Hyde) #5

@dlallee68 Welcome to Connect. Upon reading your short testimony, i’m so glad that God has restored your faith. God never leaves us nor forsake us.

(Daren) #6

For those that asked (@jspare & @LaTricia_January), I must admit that this story starts in a strange spot. I was changing my 1-year-old son’s diaper (that is the son’s age, not the diaper’s age) and we were playing the “What sound does a _____ make” game. I had been in a very dark place for the weeks leading up to this point, but the games continued. “What sound does a dog make?” I asked.
“Ruff!!!” he laughed.
“What sound does cat make?”
“Mou” he giggled.
“What sound does a snake make?”
“Ssssss…” (his favorite)
Then God gave me a picture of Him and Adam in the garden.
“What is that one with the long neck?” God asked.
“Graffe!” Adam excitedly exclaimed.
“What about that one with the stripes?”
“Zeeeebra”, Adam giggled.
“What about this one beside us?”
“Doggie!!!” (his favorite).
Suddenly, the garden was a picture of infancy. My mind reeled… “Wait, did you really curse man?” I asked God. I ran to get my Bible. God cursed Satan, and God cursed the ground because of man. Man and woman had consequences, but God never “cursed” them. Then I saw something new; after eating the tree, God said, “Now that they have become like us…” I puzzled, “Wait a minute, I thought man was already perfect and “like God” in the garden?” Then I saw the context of Genesis 2. “Now no shrub of the field was yet in the earth, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the Lord God had not sent rain upon the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground. (2:5)” “It is not good for the man to be alone. (2:18)” This was a very different picture from the opening creation account where everything is complete and good. There was incompleteness and immaturity in this story.
I have had a long time to digest the Bible from this context. Hebrews 2 recognizes that we are not yet in dominion of creation but we see Christ who is the first man to experience this. Hebrews 4 says that we are still awaiting our Day 7 rest. Thus we are still being matured in the image of God on Day 6. I Corinthians 15, says that Adam was natural before he rebelled, but that we are being made into the spiritual Adam. Indeed the whole biblical narrative can be seen as a progression from infancy in the garden to maturity in Christ and continuing into the dominion and maturity in heaven. The earliest Christian writers understood Adam in the garden as an infant in mind. The tree of knowledge was understood by these writers as a good thing when man is submitted to God, but Adam was too immature to handle it yet.

(Billie Corbett) #7

Praise God, for His unfailing love, Daren! I am so grateful you have been drawn by His love to take your place in the family of God.
I totally agree…wrestle, struggle, engage…with God…so, that you will be rooted and grounded in the faith. So, nothing can move you…because, you are being held secure by the Word of God.

(LaTricia J.) #8

Thank you for sharing your story with us @dlallee68! I am definitely sure you will enjoy what Connect has to offer.