Introduction: Darren

(Darren Williamson) #1

Hi everyone, I spend a lot of time driving and so have been really blessed listening to Ask Away and other RZIM Podcasts.
These have really resonated with me (I believe it’s important to be equipped both with an understanding of the solid ground our faith stands on and also an understanding of where our culture is at). Your Podcasts have really enabled me to do this - and have opened up some great conversations in recent days with work colleagues.
Thank you!

(Jeremiah) #2

Welcome Darren!
It’s such a wonderful forum, just joined myself yesterday so it’s awesome to be able to welcome others. Me too, usually thats where I listen to Ask away, while driving to and from work. Learnt and got a lot of interesting discussions with friends as well. Pray the Lord Jesus continue to guide you in your journey of knowing Him more so you can talk about Him more effectively and passionately to others.
Be blessed.

(Brittany Bowman) #3

Welcome, Darren! It’s great to hear you’re finding the RZIM resources valuable. Hopefully, you will come to find Connect as a place where you can find resources to reach your coworkers. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

(Daren L McClellan) #4

Welcome Darren, I will admit it was a little hard to type that with two “r”.

(Darren Williamson) #5

Thanks Jeremiah!
Looking forward to exploring the site and connecting more. Can only be a good thing!

(Darren Williamson) #6

Hi Daren - great name, I can assure you I found it just as hard to type it with one ‘r’!

(Darren Williamson) #7

Thanks Brittany!
I’m sure I will. It’s so important that we are ready and equipped to give an answer for the hope that is in us.
RZIM really helps with this!

(Elia Gad) #8

Dear Darren, thanks for your sharing. I also spend time driving and like to hear good Podcasts. Was not familiar with Ask Away so far. I searched it and will try it in the future. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile: